Jeder Ogranismus, Young Polish Art in Germany

The title of the exhibition is the visual simple game of two words in two diffrent languages, which simultaneously creates universal symbol between one element and the whole. Every organism in its individuality is one part in the community of nature. Nature as one organism, subjected to inevitable changes, transformations of form. Thus, each component can transform itself into another, molds can get together, transform into each other. Transformation is the process of changes, development and improvement, but the sequence of transformation becomes transient. The human traces of the fleeting and persistent, the features, the signs of his existence, nature assimilate in his image, do not reject them as residues, giving them their own function. Being part of nature we can hide in it, connect and disappear, let ourselves grow stuck and immersed. Mimeticism gives man a sense of security, can escapes from danger, but human also uses them to become dominant like in style of the force of nature.

Exhibition One organism – every organizm relates to symbiosis and assimilation, the parts of transition and the transformations of man and nature. Medium of art, from paintings through photography and video to large objects, sculpture-installations, allows you to capture different forms of process, actionof time. The works of selected polish artists: Honoraty Martin, Patrycji Piwosz, Agaty Czeremuszkin-Chrut, Karoliny Janikowskiej, Karoliny Wojciechowskiej, are narrative junction of organicity, research contact, knowledge, methods of camouflage and searching for forms of transition in the world of nature.

The exhibition is part of the project of promoting contemporary Young Polish Art in Germany. The project promoting Polish artists is aimed at showing the potential and individualism of Polish contemporary art. It hosts independent exhibitions of young artists, but also participates in major exhibitions already included in the German calendar of cultural events, such as Ostrale in Dresden, which makes it more accentuating Polish presence on the international scene. The project is funded by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. It will be accompanied by a summary catalog exhibition in 2017.


Place:  Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz

Curator of the exhibition: Mira Skrudlik

Artists: Honorata Martin, Łukasz Surowiec, Patrycja Pi Pa Piwosz, Agata Czeremuszkin-  Chrut, Karolina Janikowska, Maciej Rudzin

Jeder organismus

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