Żywy pokój / An alive room

Nanodramy 2018, Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta, Poznań
Idea / director / stage installation / costumes: Patrycja PiPa Piwosz

Sound installation: Tetyana Khoroshun, Andriy Merkhel
Choreography: Anna Nowicka
Starring: Anna Nowicka, Zuzanna Krisma,Patrycja Pi Pa Piwosz
Video: Maciej Sierpień, Patrycja PiPa Piwosz
Artistic care: Malina Barwik-Najewski

"An alive room" is an oniric environment, built out of bodies-sculptures, 
a sound installation and a bimorfic stage design, in which nothing is what it seems to be.
In this world there are no words.
There is an honest, individual movement which leads a dialogue with the music.
Photos Maciej Zakrzewski